Welcome to Bumplikes.com, where your privacy and security are our priority. Here’s how we handle your information and ensure your safety while using our services:

Information Collection

We collect personal information from our users for specific purposes:

Membership: Information such as your username, firm details, phone number, and email address is gathered for membership purposes.

Campaigns: We might contact you using this information to share details about discounts and promotions.

Error Handling: If there are service errors, we may use your contact information to notify and assist you.

Partnerships: In collaboration with our partners, we may share communication data for statistical purposes to enhance our services.

Rest assured, we uphold the confidentiality of your information and do not share it with third-party organizations. Any breach of this confidentiality is our responsibility.

Payment and Security

For payments, we offer multiple options:

Money Transfers: Customers can transfer to our company’s bank accounts utilizing international banking systems or online payment platforms like (PayPal, PayTR, or Western Union, or add our payment methods)

Credit Cards: Our SSL and 3D secure systems ensure the security of credit card information. We accept VISA and Mastercard, and this information is inaccessible to our employees and customer services.

Use of Cookies

We employ cookies and small text files to improve our services. These cookies allow us to track visitor behaviour, enhance page functionality, and offer a better user experience. Visitors are encouraged to enable cookies for optimal service.

Email Security

We prioritize the security of your email. Please refrain from sharing personal or credit card information via email, we do not operate via mail-order systems. Our privacy policy safeguards your email address.

Exceptional Situations

In specific scenarios:

1. Governmental Requests: If required by governmental authorities, we may disclose customer information.

2. Legal Obligations: We may share information with authorities under lawful liabilities.

3. Customer Security: In situations necessary for customer safety, we reserve the right to take appropriate actions.

We value your privacy and security at Bumplikes.com. For any queries or concerns about our privacy policy. Visit our site at (https://www.bumplikes.com/) for more information.