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YouTube likes are a part of engagement. When your video has a lot of likes, it increases the chances of ranking higher on YouTube search and get more clicks.


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What Is YouTube Live Views?

YouTube introduced YouTube live stream to the world in 2011 and has been a worldwide phenomenon since then. YouTube live stream has been in the use for workshops, business meetings, Q&A sessions, and many other events. To gather audience, reach millions of people, and engage with them is simple through YouTube live streaming now. Moreover, you can chat with your audience while live streaming on YouTube. Chatting live with your audience spreads brand awareness and helps gain your potential customers’ trust if you’re a business owner.

What is YouTube live streaming?

YouTube live streaming is the most popular feature of YouTube. You can go YouTube live and share your hobbies, talk about your business or share your screen while gaming. There are no limits to YouTube live streaming.

Do YouTube live views affect your popularity?

It surely does. The more people watch your videos, the larger your potential audience gets. 

Do YouTube live views last after I end live streaming?

YouTube live views are a lifetime. So after you end live streaming, you can share your video under the recent live streams tab, and you’ll see the views count right under your video.

Is livestream free on YouTube?

You don’t need to pay to live stream on YouTube.

Is it safe to buy YouTube live views?

It’s %100 safe to buy YouTube live views. You don’t need to share any other information other than your video link and payment details.

What’s the best way to get live stream views?

You need to create a content strategy first. Then, you can think of how to bring joy to your videos. Of course, the YouTube live views service will be of great help to you in this process.

Do I lose my live views over time?

It’s unlikely to see a decrease in your live views. However, Bumplikes offers a refill guarantee in case of any decrease in the numbers.

Will I get banned if I buy YouTube live views?

YouTube live views are not illegal, so you won’t get banned.