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Social media impressions make your accounts seem engaging and popular. This allows algorithms to suggest and feature you more often. Also, people will be impressed by your numbers.


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Why Should You Buy TikTok Views?

Buy TikTok views to raise awareness! “How to get views on TikTok” is a question we receive as often as the ones that go “How to get free Instagram likes.” But the answers may vary. Yet, the best way to get views on TikTok remains the same. By buying views, you can brute force your way to popularity on TikTok. “How many likes on TikTok to get paid” is also another question we frequently receive. To get paid, you need more than 10,000 views over the last month, and for that reason, you should buy TikTok views and likes.

Do you need my password to deliver the views?

No, we guarantee that we will never ask for your password under any possible circumstance. Therefore, you can be well assured that your profile will stay safe from external threats.

How long will it take me to receive my views?

It will not take a long time. We will start processing your order as soon we receive your transaction through PayPal or Stripe. Therefore, you should expect to get your views in an hour or so.

Will TikTok views help me to increase my organic impressions?

Of course, it will. People are attracted to popular things, especially on social media. Therefore, we can easily say that your organic traffic will sky-rocket as people will perceive you as a high-value account.

Is it safe to buy TikTok views?

Of course. Since our system is guarded by an SSL certificate, your information is safe when making a purchase. 

What counts as a view on TikTok?

Each time a user starts the video, it is counted as a view.

Are replays counted as views on TikTok?

Yes. If someone watches your video over and over again, their views are counted. 

Can I get a refund?

You can get a refund if we fail to deliver the service in the expected time. Please check out our refund policy for more information.

Can I buy views for Instagram too?

Yes, we have an Instagram views service as well.